Snakes of different species

By | July 17, 2017

“In our village one person was bitten by a snake. He was taken to hospital and he recovered,” Maragadham, a 36-year-old childminder, who lives on the outskirts of Chennai, India, told South China Morning Post in December. “Snakes are found in most homes, but they are not a threat to us.”

India is famous for harboring a large number of snakes of different species. Maragadham lives in a part of the country where people make a living out of catching deadly snakes and harvesting their poison for a living, on almost a daily basis.

People in such areas have even figured out how to use snakes themselves to prepare antidotes for snake poison. They prepare the antidote by injecting non-lethal quantities of venom from certain snake species into horses, combining them with the antigens that are produced naturally in the horses’ bodies.

Even though the video shows the kids treating the snakes as playthings, this is something that should not be repeated. According to Wild Backpacker, one of the key ways to avoid snake bites is to avoid provoking the creature in question, unless a person has exclusive training in handling them.

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