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By | August 13, 2017

The problem many guys have when it comes to dating is a lack of self esteem. You have probably been thinking of certain women as being out of your league. We all know that very attractive women often tend to know it is well and sometimes they even openly flaunt it. These women can be very domineering in most cases and if you are using normal methods of seduction, then it can be true, they are out of your league.

However, the fact is that no woman is out of your league providing you use the correct methods of seduction. These are well worth learning, because you can set your standards as high as you want and be able to succeed consistently. Here are the methods –

You need to reverse things by making her come chasing after you. You need to take her down from the tower of power a step or two by not paying her the amount of attention that she would normally expect and crave. Don’t look at her as the other guys look at her and be completely indifferent while flirting with her discreetly and with care.

# 2. Like the first point, it is very important not to make her feel special. In fact, make her think that you are special one and that she should be considering you as the prize. You should even go so far as to indicate that she is boring you and show very little interest in her, just short of outright offending her. You might think this sounds bizarre at first, but over time, you will build up rapport and she will start being curious in you because you’ll be standing out amongst the others.

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