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By | August 10, 2017

Surveillance footage widely circulated online showed the horrifying moment a woman left her car and was attacked. The woman’s mother rushed out of the car to defend her daughter. The mother died though the first woman survived.

“Lack of awareness and lack of respect for wild animals can sometimes be very expensive, and unfortunately it cost a woman her life,” Luke Dollar, the conservation biologist who directs National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, said at the time.

Badaling has seen its fair share of tragedy. In addition to the fatal tiger incident in 2016, an employee was killed by an elephant last year, a security guard was killed by a tiger in 2014, and a man was killed by a tiger in 2009 after scaling the fence and entering its enclosure.

Dollar pointed out that big cats in captivity are less likely to have a fear of humans and may associate them with food or reward, a claim in keeping with accounts that the car had been feeding the bears.As with other types of bears, black bears are typically solitary animals that socialize sparingly and usually only to mate.

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