The Acai Berry – How it Changed a Young Girl’s Life

By | January 2, 2019

When I first got to state school I was teased remorselessly by the older girls. I was fat, pimply and pale; I felt like the most hideous creature in the world, it was horrendous. I was so insecure that I would get to classes early so that I would not have to enter the room when everyone else was seated facing the door. Just the thought of all those eyes staring at my gross body made me feel awful.

In fact, if I was late I used to skip class which lead to my grades plummeting. On top of that I was comforted by eating excessive amounts of food so my physical appearance only worsened.

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I cannot describe to you how low I felt, I admit that I contemplated suicide on numerous occasions. But one day, while in the girl’s locker room one of the girls who bullied me insulted me but instead of wounding me it inspired a different feeling within me, it inspired me. With every word I became more and surer of what I wanted to do, I became determined to slim down and shape up.

Genetics was against me, my family are all similarly built to the way I was which meant that many conventional diets did nothing for me. I searched desperately for a solution when I stumbled across a little fruit named the Acai. Unlike most diets I came across this diet had medical certification as well as a whole bunch of endorsements from celebrities, from fitness gurus and from hundreds of satisfied Acai consumers.

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