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By | July 17, 2017

In the video, the teenager said she was tired and wanted to sleep, but a man said: “I’ll get this f***ing party started c***.”The men used a type of coded speech known locally as Pig Latin.“Don’t you ilmfay (film) me… I can’t be going to ourtcay (court),” one man said.

Child Abuse Squad detective Tiffany Graham explained to the jury that in Pig Latin, ‘eshay’ would be used for ‘yes’ and ‘ohnay’ for ‘no,’ the Daily Mail reported.Ms Harris told the court the video showed the men raping the girl “sometimes … simultaneously, sometimes taking turns”.

The girl had no recollection of what happened but woke up in bed with Mr Carlyle-Watson allegedly forcing his penis into her mouth, Ms Harris said.Despite bleeding, she was not aware of the alleged crime until police tracked her down after discovering the GoPro footage, and she became “upset”, he added.

Paul Glissan, defending Mr Carlyle-Watson, said the girl was “actively participating in the sex”.Michael Smith, defending Mr Stevenson, said he didn’t know it was being filmed and told the others in the room to get out.“Do not watch a two-dimensional, poor quality video and make your minds up about this case,” he added.Mr Waters’ lawyer, Peter Little, said there was an issue of consent and the complainant can be seen cooperating.

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