Their husbands beheaded

By | July 15, 2017

They also admitted that some of their husbands beheaded victims, but denied any involvement, claiming that their only role was to sit at home and look after the children.The wives’ fate now remains uncertain. A Tunisian woman with a baby stated:”I don’t have control of my future. I live like a shadow.”

Others who have escaped IS captivity, such as a teenage boy in Iraq, have revealed that sex slave captives do all they can to try and get away from the terrorists.”The girls were covering their faces with dirt, trying to make themselves less beautiful. But if they were caught doing that they were beaten.

They were all beaten and taken away. ISIS beat us too,” 15-year-old Ahmed Amin Koro told Fox News in June 2016.The teenage boy revealed at the time that jihadists would take children before sunrise each morning, forcing them to recite Islamic prayers; feeding them only with scraps, and giving them contaminated water to wash with

.Koro shared one story of a mother begging the terrorists to spare her young daughter from being sold as a sex slave, but was shown no mercy.”The mom cried that her little girl was too young and she didn’t know anything about marriage or sex, but they didn’t care and took her anyway,” the Yazidi boy said.

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