True Story, Santa Letters Changed a Little Girl’s Life

By | January 2, 2019

You should have seen her eyes sparkle when we received the mail today. A letter with candy cane images and Santa’s all over it, just for her. She was eight now and getting older. We were not sure how long her Christmas magic would last, but with this, it could be one more year.

All the kids in school teased her about still believing in Santa and although she had many questions, she still held strong to her beliefs. She defended him like he was a close personal friend and I do believe through her hard times as a child, he might have been. For her eyes always brightened with the mention of him and this was one time of the year that she really looked forward to no matter what life spit at her.

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You see, this girl was only eight, but she had already had the world yanked from her. Her parents had split and her mother abandoned her and now she was custody of the state. Her grandmother loved her so, but was too old to care for her. The state would not allow it even though she fought for her so hard. She was lost in the system now and only her father could save her and he was nowhere to be found.

She was a sweet girl. You could see in her eyes there was still hope for a day where she would not be plagued of growing up too fast. Where she might have a family of her own and she could really change things.

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