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By | August 27, 2017

Bonnie Causey has driven people on some of the best days of their lives. And on some of the worst.Not long ago, she picked up a woman who’d just been declared cancer-free.Another time, a man she was driving learned there was nothing more doctors could do for him. It was time to consider hospice care.

That was a hard day. But, “I was glad he didn’t have to sit there and wait for Dial-A-Ride or something to get him,” Causey said. “I could cry with him.”The highs and the lows — they come with the territory.Causey of Kennewick volunteers with American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program.

Through the program, volunteer drivers take patients to doctor visits, chemotherapy and radiation sessions and other treatment-related appointments.The rides are free to the patients. The drivers provide the vehicle and cover gas.The Tri-Cities has a handful of volunteer drivers, who are ready to take patients where they need to go.

But the program could use more volunteers — and patients, too. Officials are doing their best to spread the word.Causey said it’s a meaningful program. “There’s definitely a need for it,” she said.To volunteer, drivers must be ages 18 to 85, with a license, a good driving record and a reliable vehicle. They must pass a background check.

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