Wedding First Night Video

By | August 27, 2017

A bride and groom in Canada spent their first night of marital bliss behind bars after their wedding party turns into a bar brawl.The wild husband and wife fisticuffs erupted at Denizen Hall in downtown Edmonton only 15 minutes after the party arrived at the drinking establishment, according to eyewitnesses.

‘I’ve seen bar fights, but it was pretty different to see this lady in a wedding gown right in the thick of it,’ said eyewitness Ryan Bychowski, 34, of Edmonton, Canada about the Saturday night melee to Inside Edition.‘This is not exactly the kind of place you’d expect a wedding party to show up,’ Bychowski said.

‘You could tell they’ve been at it all day. A few of them were pretty drunk.Bar patron Matthew Machado, 30, said he saw the doors of Denizen Hall explode open with people pouring out into the streets to continue the fight.‘It was just absolutely ridiculous and absolutely absurd’ Machado told the Toronto Sun.

‘The bride is just swinging and the melee ends up on the sidewalk,’ said another witness to the Toronto Sun.‘I couldn’t tell what was going on except you see a bunch of people in tuxedos piled up,’ Bychowski said to Inside Edition.‘I could see security staff all over the place and there’s this bride in the middle of it, swinging and jumping on people.’

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