World s Biggest Fish Caught

By | August 16, 2017

While different people go catfishing for various reasons, catching a monster cat is probably the main one. From what I could tell, there is no thrill that matches reeling in a 70-pound catfish into your boat. It’s true that catching big cats isn’t an easy task, and that’s why you need to be prepared whenever you go fishing.

There are some anglers who try to convince new fishers that catching a huge catfish is due to a pure luck. From my own experience, luck has nothing to do with it. If you want to make sure that you catch big cats every time you go for a catfishing trip; there are few things that you need to consider first. Here are five reasons why you are not catching any monster catfish:

Location and time are probably the most important factors when it comes to catfishing in general. If you try catching a monster catfish in a local pond, then your chances of catching any are closer to nothing. These fishes usually live in large rivers and lakes.

Time also has no less importance than location. As catfish hates heat, you need to go for them the early morning as well as the late evening when the water is cooler. If you can access deep holes where these fishes hide, then you have a great chance at finding a big one there.

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